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I had a very good time working with SCF Team. It's mainly because I felt being with the heart in every activity and every task. Being in-self is what being and giving back; with the heart. Thanks SCF for such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of yourself...!!

My association with Sanjana Charitable’s has been joyous to date. It provides me with an immense satisfaction to serve the society and return our part instead of donating materialistic things which can be of instant content only. The idea that caught my interest is asking time from people to money which by itself tells us that this is service oriented organization established to give back our two cents to society.

I have volunteered with Sanjana Charitable Foundation for two activities and it has been a wonderful experience. I never realized that I can also teach until I did make an attempt. Spending time with kids over weekends not only refreshes me but also helps me find myself. I would want to thank SCF team for providing me with the opportunity...

After having the opportunity to work with SCF team, I would like to express what a great job they are doing. Either spending time with, children by conducting competitions or training the teachers to teach the best; and managing a technology-driven solution for blood donors. the SCF team is definitely a blessing for the people of Hyderabad. I wish the team all the best and success in their future endeavors.

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