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A Business Organisation can do Charity,
But a Charity Organisation should not do a Business.

Our organisation runs as similar to a profitable organisation where having a production team to innovate & produce solutions to every problem, Branding and Communication Team to speak aloud with the respective target group, We believe in it. And so our approach is unique. Our ideation, Planning & Execution is just as similar to a business organisation. The difference is the intent. Our intent is to reach out to as much as our target group and render the service which is priceless, hassle-free and rest assured. and this is where we have come up with a strategy of approach.

SCF works towards motivating and encouraging its staff to imbibe, internalise and demonstrate these defined core values of the organisation.

Respect each other

Believing in and appreciating the dignity
and potential of all human beings.

Success with Integrity

Maintaining social, ethical and organisational norms and adhering to the code of conduct.

Innovation & Creativity

Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress. Creativity is a disciplined eye.

Commitment keeps us going

Fulfilling organisational goals with full commitment towards our duties and responsibilities.


Setting high performance standards and being accountable for and responsible towards our work.


We feel the energy of passion that comes from focusing on what excites us.

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