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In 2015, a group of like-minded friends and myself decided to put our thoughts and efforts to give back to the society in a meaningful way. And we formed an organisation called “Sanjana Charitable Foundation” by registering under AP Societies Act 2010 on 29th of September 2015.

Since inception, we have been actively involved in helping orphanages with food and clothing. But, we wanted to use our skills of technology and communication to address a problem that matters a lot. And that is where we identified the need for Education & Health. And we initiated – “Donation of Blood is not reaching the needy effectively” & shikshak – “Mentoring the Teachers of Affordable schools in Urban Slums”.

We are ambitious of socializing these solutions on a vast scale. As vast as making this a centralized database across the nation. At the same time, we have the confidence of making this a success using technology and communicating about this through effective marketing with the support as required. To fulfill our dream of achievement; our strength is not sufficient. We need advisers to advise us, mentors to mentor us, Volunteers to participate, associates, to go hand in hand and who not… Along with these; majorly we will need a boost of financial support to meet the technical, marketing and operational expenses. As we are currently not certified with either 12A, 80G or FCRA; we are unable to get financial aid from the corporates through CSR scheme.

And hence we are now approaching the similar organization like us but stable and consistent organizations to support us in executing “” & Shikshak make a reach to every needy in India.

Our Vision

Eliminate the tiresome process of requesting blood or purchasing the same in times of emergency and spend the time meaningfully with near and dear ones so they get required moral support and confidence.

Our Mission

Reduce the time of obtaining a donor to the bare minimum possible by creating a vast database of donors and rightfully guiding them to the willing donor. Expand the awareness to the corners of the country

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